AGE:           21
HEIGHT:     5 ft.
WEIGHT:    140 lbs.
HAIR:          Brown/Black
Julie has a piercing on above her right side of her lip. She was last seen in   Austin, TX  (south side)
Her 2005 Chevy Impala was discovered on March 28th at the Walgreens parking lot located at Stassney / S.1st .
Julie Ann Gonzalez disappeared on March 26,2010. Julie's car was found abandoned in a Walgreen's parking lot located at the corner of  South First Street and Stassney Lane in Austin, Texas. The family reported her missing within 24 hours. The day of her disappearance, Julie went to her soon to be ex-husbands George De La Cruz house to pick up their two year old daughter. Julie has not been seen since. 
According to her husband George De La Cruz, she showed up between 10 am - 11 am the morning of her disappearance. He states that he noticed her demeanor very different. According to George, Julie stated that she was going away for a few days. Julie asked him if he could watch the baby through the weekend. George then agreed and Julie left. 
George DeLa Cruz  reported Julie Ann Gonzalez to the police saying she had abandoned their daughter. George mentioned that they were in a middle of a divorce and George did not want it. George has continually harassed Julie to the point of concern. Julie made a point to take someone with her whenever she had to meet him regarding their daughter. George seemed to be unstable at this point. He faked an amnesia episode in December of 2009. He also tried to kill himself in January 2010. Julie saved his life by calling the police and picked him up as he took off running down the street. He was hospitalized for several days and was recommended to take medication. He was kept in for psychiatric evaluation and was ordered to follow up with counseling and medication. 
George De La Cruz was on the DR. Phil Show in May 2010. On the show he admitted to not taking his medication and not going to his counseling classes. He told Dr.Phil and his mother he could not afford to pay for his Lexapro. George was asked to take a polygraph exam by a top examiner and he agreed. George De La Cruz was asked if he had anything to do with the disappearance of Julie Ann Gonzalez? He was also asked if he knew where she is? George  failed on all questions asked. 
To this day George De La Cruz has not done anything to help find Julie Ann Gonzalez. Currently Julie's daughter resides with George and his mother under sole custody.  
From the beginning of the investigation, the Austin Police Department believed George's story about Julie Ann Gonzalez abandoning her daughter Layla. It took the Austin Police Department six weeks to start investigating her disappearance. Julie's car sat in the Walgreen's parking lot for eight days after her disappearance. The Austin Police Department allowed forensic evidence and eye witnesses to sit waiting for months, which gave George time to establish an alibi, hide evidence and hire a lawyer. To this day George's lawyer is not allowing him to speak with the Austin Police Department.
He was the last person to see Julie Ann GonzalezGeorge De La Cruz has not lifted a finger to help in the investigation of the disappearance of Julie Ann Gonzalez. He knows what happened to her. He is the cause of her disappearance and the truth will be told.  
If you have any information please call
911 if you have seen Julie

Austin Police Dept.       512-974-5000
DPS                              800-346-3243
Hays Co.                       512-393-7896
Caldwell Co.                 828-789-1559
FBI missing persons     210-225-6741
Sandra Soto (mother)        512-903-6204

Juan Soto (grandfather)     512-743-0892
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